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Afternoon Version - Together.jpg

Afternoon Version - Together

George (Sikha) Sikharulidze - Bass / Vocal / Programming

Dato Toidze - Guitar

Nicka Tsereteli - Keyboards / Back Vocal / Programming

Zura (Zuricha) Dzagnidze - Guitar

Goga Kavtaradze - Drums

Misha Abesadze - Vocal (1994-1995)

Originally Released: 2000

Mastered By: Giorgi Koridze

Vinyl Design By: Soslan Sanakotti

About Album:

The emergence of Afternoon Version onto the Georgian music scene was a serendipitous occurrence. It all began with the pure-hearted ambition of five teenagers hailing from Tbilisi in the early 90s, who were determined to create electrifying music inspired by some of the most iconic British bands of the 80s.

Initially, their compositions possessed a predominantly new-age vibe and were performed at small venues scattered throughout the city. However, as their musical tastes evolved and technological advancements brought forth new opportunities, the band gradually incorporated electronic sounds into their music.

Unfortunately, pursuing a career in music was a challenge in their local reality. As a result, the members of Afternoon Version ended up pursuing separate paths across various cities in Europe and the United States. Nevertheless, they did leave behind an iconic album, Together, which encapsulated their body of work.

The album showcases a captivating fusion of electronica and the prominent British dance beats of the 90s. It also features unique compositions such as “Kardena,” which conveys folk motives and contemporary social themes through simple yet thought-provoking recitative, and “Champagne Gold,” a true acoustic masterpiece of alternative Georgian music from the 90s.

Despite undergoing numerous transformations over the past three decades, Afternoon Version is still going strong—now able to get its unique message across

Shavi Printsi & Dzebnilebi - Idzebneba (Vinyl 1x LP, Limited Edition)

Afternoon Version, Photos (1995-2002)

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