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Young Georgian Lolitaz - Lemonjuice

Nika Kocharov (Music, Lyrics, Vocals)

Levan Shanshiashvili (Guitar) [B1; B2; B4]

Datucha Abuladze - (Drums) [A1]

  • Recording Year: 2003-04

  • Mastering: George Gvarjaladze (Gvaji)

  • Cover Art: Levan Chikvanaia

About Album:

           At the turn of the millennium, the Georgian music scene was, much like the country itself, characterized by instability. After wars and internal conflicts, society experienced a social crisis and “young souls” were left without any kind of cultural change. Pop music dominated the masses and therefore the alternative community was left without much of a space in which to act. As a result, in this period a number of different bands started to make their way, expressing the aspirations of a new generation and using forms of expression that were determined in a different way. Young Georgian Lolitaz, which was formed in 2001, became one of the longest lived bands of that era. Despite constant changes of band members, Nika Kocharov and his band are still active after their 20 year music career.

Their album LemonJuice was recorded in 2003, a transitional period for both the band and Georgia. Both the music and content of the album are quite personal, giving us a glimpse into the group’s front man’s feelings and flows. This is one of the most important musical statements from that period of Georgian alternative music, with inspirations ranging from the Beatles, through Nirvana, and up to Blur. With LemonJuice the band gained much more attention from local and global audiences and after several years, Young Georgian Lolitaz got back to their musical roots in London. Here they started another turbulent chapter – but it’s another part of their history. One thing is just clear – after many years, LemonJuice still stands as the best manifestation of Georgian alternative music of the 2000s.

Young Georgian Lolitaz - Lemonjuice  (Vinyl 1x LP, Limited Edition)

Young Georgian Lolitaz, Photos 2003-04

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