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GDEmpire - Georgian Dance Empire

Dada Dadiani (Music, Lyrics, Bass, Drum Programming)

Gogi Chilasvili (Music, Lyrics, Guitar)

Sergi Gvarjaladze - (Music, Lyrics)

BiBi Kvachadze - (Music, Lyrics, Keys, Guitar)

  • Recording Year: 1993

  • Mastering: George Koridze

  • Cover Art: Levan Chilashvili

About Album:

In the 90s, the Georgian alternative music comprised of individuals whose enthusiasm, unique musical vision and broad-minded approach created tangible hopes for the future. It provided the diversity of musical genres and added color to the scene, which was vital during the grim reality of those times.

In 1993, despite the difficult challenges, during turbulent times for the country, these still young but already experienced musicians locked themselves in the Georgian TV studio for several days, in order to come up with some good song ideas and record something truly special – This is how “Georgian Dance Empire” was born - A project that was initiated by Dada Dadiani and the principle members of the band were Gogi Chilashvili, Sergi Gvarjaladze and BiBi Kvachadze

GDEmpire’s music covers broad range of styles and musical genres, it is experimental and its unique synthesis has roots in many different cultures, especially - Georgian and Western cultures.  The band fearlessly changes and demolishes the core principles and methods of traditional songwriting during the creative process. Masterful use of different music instruments and numerous sub-genres makes this collaboration authentic, exceptionally original, genuine and innovative.

During various phases of development, it was obvious that Georgian contemporary music had huge influence of Western musical traditions, genres, sounds… Therefore, we  could frequently hear different musicians/bands imitating Western artists, sort of trying to find some niche. But these attempts mostly would morph into apparent plagiarism later.

In this regard, “Georgian Dance Empire” was the exact opposite - While bringing absolutely new vibes and energy and establishing their own unique style - The band had highest level of musical freedom, characterized by strong individualism, musicality, poetry, improvisation and distinctive sound, as these musicians had unique conceptual approach to their creative process.

GD EMPIRE brought artistry, innovation and creativity to the next level, their music has aesthetic and creative value and will be considered as work of Art that will inspire generations to come.

GDEmpire - Georgian Dance Empire  (Vinyl 1x LP, Limited Edition)

Young Georgian Lolitaz, Photos 2003-04

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