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Georgian Music Legacy Collection

In each era, used musical language for their statements, as music comes up as one of main instrument of free human being. Despite cultural atrophy during soviet times, process of musical thinking was still active in Georgia.  Even through 70 years of censorship, there are many examples for it. Many individual, uncompromised musical acts gave a push to new generation to break barriers, to become free voices of free & independent country.

This was born again momentum for the country and musicians as well, so the scene was full of opportunities & experimentation.  Their journey towards self-discovery & freedom was not easy as they were following gut feelings, without any kind of guidance. Despite this, music of independent generation was characterized with authenticity, active social statements & searching for a new Georgian sound, which continues until this day. Even though they used western musical forms, creative output still was rooted into Georgian identity. From this process, we got recordings from modern, free Georgia, which shaped cultural values for next generations.

Georgian Music Legacy Collection is an initiative which recalls perspective for Independent Georgian music scene. Recordings, with regards of recording period or state of country’s music industry, were outside of listener’s radar, but in the terms of socio-cultural value, still are modern and important. We believe that by reviving, renewing, discovering and presenting them to new listeners, these recordings will get their valuable and deserved place in musical chain, which still determines Georgia’s cultural Identity.

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