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Gogi Dzodzuashvili (Guitar, Bass Guitar, Vocal)

George Delon [AKA Goglik] (Vocal)

Levan Javakhishvili (Keys, Guitar)

  • Recorded At: Temo Nikolaishvili Studio

  • Year: 1995

  • Mastering: George Gvarjaladze (Gvaji)

  • Label: "Leno Records", 2021.

  • Cover Art: George Delon

Mother On Mondays - Friends

About Album:

Mother on Mondays was born in postwar Tbilisi as a result of merging of three different bands. Musically their main influences derived from Post-Punk and 80’s British Synth-Pop. The band’s original and slightly unconventional music was something that the newly born independent music scene of Georgia was lacking at the time. After releasing their debut album "CLEAR AND COLD" in 1993 and a tour in Moscow and St Petersburg, the two original members left the band and the remaining members decided to use the warm sounds of synthesizers to fill in the musical gaps which turned out to become one of the first examples to use electronic sounds in Georgian alternative music.


This is how the band’s second album "FRIENDS" emerged and it was the last to include the group’s original members. Since its release in 1995 the album has stood out as an iconic example for a new generation of musicians and listeners. The harsh social situations that surrounded the group didn’t affect their creative process, on the contrary it helped them create an alternative milieu, one of their own, in which there was more enhanced space than the reality of the city. That attitude was the driving force behind "FRIENDS" also influenced by British Synth-Pop, but executed in it’s own unique and authentic way. After 25 years the album still stands as one of the most modern musical creations that came out of Georgia.

Mother On Mondays - Friends  (Vinyl 1x LP, Limited Edition)

Mother On Mondays Live 1994, Photos By Guram Tsibakhashvili

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