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Shavi Printsi & Dzebnilebi - Idzebneba

Shavi Printsi - Akaki Babunashvili

Fredo - Fredo Baban

Masty - David Morchiladze

Megot - Sergi Chikhladze

Smoki - Beka Javakhadze

DJ Jado - Levan Dolidze

Satana - Soso Chachua

Recording Year: 1998

Produced By: Zaza Khubukelashvili & Giga Kukhianidze

Mastered By: Giorgi Koridze

Album Art By: Soslan Sanakotti

About Album:

In the 1990s, Kutaisi emerged as the focal point for alternative music movements in Georgia. The city possessed a distinctive cultural heritage and identity. The new generation left indelible marks across diverse musical genres, ranging from punk and new wave to hip-hop. Among these genres, hip-hop stood out as the primary "weapon" for trailblazers like Akaki Shavi Princi ("Black Prince"), also known as Shurik, Bajoo, and Chi. They collectively performed live in the hip-hop scene right from the early '90s.

After the band disbanded, Shavi Princi, the Black Prince, continued to forge his path in hip-hop music. He also played a pioneering role in introducing breakdance to Georgia. Beginning in 1993, he began assembling members, dancers, and MCs for a newly formed collective named "Dzebnili" (meaning "Wanted").

The group actively showcased their talents through various small concerts in Kutaisi. Before long, they embarked on the recording of their inaugural album titled "Idzebneba." This album was produced at the local studio "ORFEY." "Idzebneba" delved into the darker aspects of street life among the post-Soviet youth in Kutaisi. Despite adopting a Western musical form, their hip-hop retained a distinctly Georgian, and even more specifically, Kutaisian essence. The driving forces behind Shavi Princi and his peers in Tbilisi were the spontaneous, rhythmic, and improvisational energies that set them apart.


Over the subsequent years, the group experienced changes in its membership, and their songs evolved with lighter arrangements. The underground vibe also began to dissipate. However, their debut album remains the cornerstone of Georgian hip-hop, even as it progressed with different musical directions and lineups.

Shavi Printsi & Dzebnilebi - Idzebneba (Vinyl 1x LP, Limited Edition)

Shavi Printsi & Dzebnilebi, Photos (1996-2002)

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