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Nikakoi - შენТЫMENTAL

Nika Machaidze - Music, Vocals

Maya Sumbadze - Vocals

Natalie Beridze - Vocals



Originally Released: 2003
Mastered By: Bo Calyx

Artwork: Salome Machaidze


About Album:

Nika Machaidze's evolution as a luminary in Georgian electronic music has been a testament to his enduring creativity and musical innovation. His inadvertent foray into the music sphere during the latter half of the 1990s converged with the emergence of the Goslab artistic collective, fortuitously setting the stage for his remarkable trajectory.

As the 2000s dawned, Nikakoi's prowess drew the attention of foreign labels, marking a pivotal moment in his career. The release of his maiden album in Germany not only signaled his international debut but also heralded the inception of a distinctive musical voyage. However, it was with "შ​ე​ნ​т​ы​mental," his subsequent album, that Machaidze's artistry truly blossomed. The album ventured into deeper, more emotive territories, weaving a tapestry of melodies that resonated with a profound emotional depth.

The imprint of 90s British IDM is discernible in the album's rhythmic cadence, yet Machaidze masterfully infuses it with the resonances of Georgian sentimentality. The result is a fusion of machine-driven rhythms and soul-stirring melodies—a sonic amalgamation that defies temporal confines and continues to stand as an iconic pillar in the landscape of Georgian experimental music.

Beyond his albums, Machaidze's influence has transcended borders, shaping the contours of electronic music not just within Georgia but also on a global scale. His enduring commitment to pushing sonic boundaries while retaining a distinct cultural identity has cemented his legacy as a pioneer and visionary in the realm of experimental electronic music.

Nikakoi - შენТЫMENTAL (Vinyl 2x LP, Limited Edition)

Nikakoi, Photos (2003)

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